Good tidings to all of our Subverse fans around the globe. It is once again your good friend Till here to provide some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the development of our very special space-titty project.

Q: What is the state of the Taron update and when can we expect a release?
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A: As previously announced, our goal is to increase the production of the game to the point where you have a new block of content every 3-4 months with a level of quality that such distinguished perverts as our customers deserve. We are happy to announce we are very confident we will hit that goal with Taron’s release!

Q: Can you provide some clarification regarding what is happening with localization? Has work already begun on this process? What about languages other than Chinese?
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A: We can see there is some significant confusion over this process, so indeed – let’s clarify!

We want to be clear that we do not have an in-house localization team, so we need to rely on external support for this task. That is why we previously announced teaming up with one of the most experienced teams to provide Chinese localization.

We also have intentions to work with all of the wonderful communities that are laying the groundwork with their fantastic fan translations of the game. Community engagement helps a lot to speed things up a lot, so languages that have received support will be much easier for us to translate.

We are continuing to explore our options to deliver localization, but please note the members of our team researching this process are dedicated to a totally different part of the project than our game developers. That means, regarding localization, no time has been taken away from producing the game at all.

Also, we are committed to finishing the game first, before undertaking the challenging process of translating obscure sci-fi parody dick jokes into other languages.

Concerning other languages – here’s an alphabetical list that includes (but is not limited to) our planned localizations:

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • French
  • German
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

As we alluded to above, if you do not see your language listed here – don’t worry! We will provide updates as our research continues and we find ways to meet the requests of all our fapping fans.

To reiterate, please rest assured we have heard your concerns about development potentially being impeded by this localization process, but due to the resource allocations that it has not changed our schedule at all.

Q: Can you explain the reasoning for the waifu release order thus far?
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A: What a good question! Answering this is complicated (and proper elaboration would certainly require spoilers), but here’s what I can say without the team punishing me with many lashes to my bottom (though they have unfortunately already learned such discipline has the opposite effect on me):

DEMI had to come first as she is the mainframe of the Mary Celeste and the most “bro” of all the waifus. Also, her established history with the Captain makes it so she can serve as the best introduction to his romantic interests.

And here you can see the Captain being a total bro in return by making sure her outlets get the acceptable level of maintenance:

As the “Mother of Monsters”, Lily had to come second so we could introduce manticores into the game (and thus grid combat). Since she is also one of the more, ahem, easy to please waifus, it made sense that it would take less time for the Captain to earn her…trust.

Killision was chosen to come third for two primary reasons – she was a polar opposite in terms of personality and temperament to both Lily and DEMI, providing more variety for the player early in the game. Also, her pirate treasure map quest made for a perfect match when it came to introducing the navigation system of the game.

Ela was fourth because at that point in the narrative we wanted some major lewd event of rebellion to occur that would put the Mary Celeste on the radar of the Imperium, and Celestina/Kasidora in particular. We had always planned for her galaxy-wide broadcast of “Supreme Interspecies” to be part of her recruitment quest, so it was another perfect match.

All I can say about Taron is that while her quest to retrieve a brilliantly-designed dildo from the Imperium might seem narratively simple, it is actually one of the most important in the game.

The consequences of her recruitment will completely change the stakes of the story. You will just have to wait to see why!

Q: Loving the story, characters, and lore so far. Once the game is complete with a 1.0 build will the studio explore more with this universe and characters in any other forms of media, like more doujin or StudioFOW movies?
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A: That has always been the plan! We’ve already had talks about traditional Studio FOW movies that take place in the Subverse universe, or even doing more doujin in the future – though we are not announcing anything for certain now.

At the same time, we want to remind all of our fans that they can get lots of information about the Subverse universe right now in the game’s official wiki!

Our dedicated wiki team has done an amazing job with it, and even our developers and writers have been impressed with how accurate and detailed it has become. Please check it out and consider contributing if you feel like diving deep into the game and writing up lore-accurate paragraphs describing the genitals of each Subverse species.

Q: In the casting call for the Huntress, you specified wanting a non-American accent. In the end you chose to go with something neutral, basically TV-English. What led to that decision?
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A: That’s an interesting question! We had an initial concept in mind for all of the characters, but sometimes auditions happen and change our minds, or changes are necessitated by other technical reasons. In this case, it was both!

When the extremely talented Aria Lynn came on board, we found that her natural voice was such a better fit for the Huntress. She embodied the character so well, and it was much easier to understand and feel the intentions behind her threats of evisceration through the modulation filter utilized by the mask of her Hydrosuit.

Artwork by Dzung Phungh Dinh

Q: Could you provide more details about what the “next evolution of the Pandora system” will look like?
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A: Oh, the curse of game development! So many glorious ways to defile our daughters in the pipeline, so little ability to discuss them…

All I can say regarding this is that we have heard your feedback loud and clear. The changes are already in progress, and you can expect to read more details in another Dev Diary soon.

Q: Will we be getting more scenes with multiple girls in them?
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A: Yes! The more the merrier, after all.

Q: Can you include some kind of damage indication that matches physical and energy attacks to shields and armor? It’s frustrating to read every single unit’s details to correctly deal damage.
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A: Great news – we already have this on our radar and are implementing a change to make sure that when you launch a weaponized wad of hot manticore cum at an enemy unit, you know it will be super effective. Expect to see this update soon.

Q: Will you include more difficult, tactical battles in the future?
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A: Certainly, we will. There are optional encounters in the pipeline to become available as the game progresses that will be far more challenging than your typical recruitment or planet quest. They also include upgraded versions of the current enemy units. You will start seeing these battles soon.

Q: When will Johnny Sins be added to the game?
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A: Mr. Sins already had his chance to fuck in space. Unfortunately, his crowdfunding was not as successful as ours.

Thanks again for your support of the game! We will see you again couple of weeks later for the holiday update.

Bis bald,
Till Eulenspiegel