Dear Subverse and StudioFOW Fans,

We are delighted to say we are releasing the next version of Early Access on the 29th of March, which will include the remaining devotion quests for Sova, Taron, Ela, Blythe and the Huntress.


Many ships means many VFX, many clicks, many animations. MANY!

Tedious repetitive work is necessary sometimes, and in this case, it paid off greatly.
This character also shares a great passion with me, once you see this cinematic, you will know what it is, and I am sure you also have it.

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Weeks continue with animation, VFX and lighting tasks, primarily for cinematics as the plotline of Subverse wraps up in time for release. I can’t openly share much due to spoilers, so here’s a modern still life for your consideration.


Massimo Decimo Meridio

Hello folks! This last month I’ve been diving full time into Cinematics! Many surprises are on the way as well as many gorgeous scenes seasoned with amazing environments! As always I throw up a piece of anticipation even though this round doesn’t show up as anything! Something gonna happen here, what exactly is still a mystery, so stay tuned!!


I’m taking a break from the dirty stuff to get some more narrative cutscenes animated. One of them is my longest cutscene at just over 3 minutes long, and tells a very key part of the story of Subverse and I’m pretty excited about it.



NOTE: Yag has finished his Subverse animation tasks, and will be moving on to creating post-launch content and other works

Hungry JJ


We are in the testing phase for our next release. Most of my work now involves fixing issues, balancing gameplay and polishing the upcoming release. Just before the testing phase started, I was in the middle of wrapping up Blythe’s grid combat mission. The battle will be very colorful and the tiles will impact the outcome of the fight.


Samantha Flowers

Hello everyone,

The month of march has quickly come and gone; I’ve officially wrapped cinematic sound duties for version 0.9.0 and whipped all those pesky subtitles into shape, as well (including all old ones across the game)

I’ve also been doing some game testing of older content, and squashing any sound-related bugs I find.

It feels like it’s been awhile since I’ve done a grid combat task, but I even got to work on some SFX for some upcoming bosses!

My most exciting task this month involved doing some video editing…I can’t say any specifics (yet?), but I hope you’ll all see it soon!


Billy Grande

Super busy month, everyone! I’ve been working on the mechanics for all our new Devotion Quests, so that they fit the journey of each waifu and provide a fun buildup to what comes next. Which fight did you like best?


Still focusing on the outfits, I’ve spent the last few weeks preparing their models for integration by meticulously fitting this most recent batch of suits onto all the waifus, as well as developing their ‘undress’ variants.



Hi again. So, Sova went somewhere with Ela and I’m out from under the desk now, working on more stuff. It’s getting crowdy over here and I think big things are coming.

See you next month!

Bis bald,
Till Eulenspiegel