Dear Fans,

We enter a new year full of new challenges, and the team is eager and rested to take them on!


The animation team took some time out this month to do some much-needed promo work. We felt it was healthy for them to have a change of pace and work on something a bit more challenging on a creative level, after the constant grind of DQ scenes. They will return to finish off the remaining cinematics next month, and we anticipate them to complete all work on the game in the summer. There will be some exciting news in the future as we near this date, so please keep an eye on the studio’s discord!



Hungry JJ


Recently, I have been focusing on Sova’s final combat mission and Taron’s adventure sequence. Sova’s combat mission will have a unique enemy type to interact with and Taron’s sequence will showcase the environment more than the previous clickable sequences have.


Samantha Flowers

Hello everyone,

As usual, it has been a busy month for me, but even more so than usual! As I steadily apply the SFX for the cinematics that roll in, I’ve also been working on polishing the visual novel segments of the upcoming devotion quests as much as I can. Small details, like making sure the characters’ eyelines are pointed at one another, can go a long way!

Also, because I’ve wanted each devotion quest to feel more personal/unique to each character, I’ve still been carefully selecting new music tracks that would speak well to each storyline. By the end of it, I imagine the jukebox is going to look quite full…

Another interesting task, I got to write some fun new dialogue for my favorite nikith, Taron! (Milly, I apologize in advance!) You’ll all hear it once you complete her “heist”!


Billy Grande

Wishing a Happy New Year to all, full of Subverse! Besides working out the combat mechanics for the upcoming Devotion Quests, I’m continuing my spaceship trip through the Nebulas, visiting the Event Planets and assessing what our crew could do to assist.



Starting off the new year by modelling yet another waifu outfit, this time using Taron as a base model.



Hi everyone, happy new year!
This was another creative month, working on graphics, storytelling material and more. A lot of things are happening behind the scenes and, let me tell you, the team is all fired up!
Here is a glimpse of what’s coming soon.



Hello, this is Tibor.

The last few months was a gradual intensifying and isolated work – isolated, as not in prison for creating obscene adult material for innocent computer users, but isolation from a task allocation viewpoint – the tasks are mainly related to the C++ source base.

  • Performed work that relates to users’ experience, execution time, module loading, event management, video compression and many other more, relatively low level tasks.
  • Work on a massive game-play improvement by finalizing and integrating the Devotion Meter.
  • Added a new, well tested, industry standard event management library to decouple currently interconnected modules and fix several very problematic reference hell originated problems.
  • Fixing issues from the codebase that create bottlenecks both at development and runtime.
  • Ongoing work on scalability and extendibility that required further fixes. That means we shall have the ability to release free add-ons such as clothes, language packs, etc. following release 1.0.
  • Restructure the whole code base and refactor our Software Bus implementation, so all the above can happen in more efficient manner.
  • Fixing bugs.
  • Finally rolling out a frontend & backend system (Streemster) that will allow us to serve our less fortunate German, South Korean, etc. users who are unable to obtain Subverse via any other commercial channel.

We are entering the final phase of the software development and project. The work ahead of us is exciting and professionally fulfilling. Thanks again very much for your support that makes it possible we can deliver this project.

In the meantime, you can still buy or send as a gift the game for the reduced Early Access price. The final, 1.0 version of Subverse will be a greatly improved gaming experience and a transformed game compared to the current form. The price of 1.0 will be a lot higher. Early Access buyers will have access to that improved game too, by default. .

More info, design and technical content will be at my blog more frequently as we are entering the final phase of the project.

Take care all and talk soon!


See you next month!

Bis bald,
Till Eulenspiegel