Dear Captains,

Blythe testing is completed and we aim to release the next chapter in Subverse’s story, Patch 0.8, on the 3rd of July 2023. Thank you for your patience and continued support of the project. We will communicate the remaining release schedule in the next diary, which will also feature notes from the designers and the director.


It was a painful push to finish off Blythe’s remaining Pandora scenes, just something about her that is distracting.

But it is very refreshing to go play with big toys in the cinematics again, got some wonderful things to show you in the future.


Finished the final lightpass to the Pandora scenes included in this release. Everything I’ve learned so far in Unreal goes into lighting Blythe’s ginormous tits and hips. I only hope I’m worthy of you now, mommy.


Massimo Decimo Meridio

This month, after spending a bit of time performing lipsyncs, I gave life to two new animations, a sweet moment between Blythe and the Cap, and a new one for Taron and the Captain.
I’ll keep moving into sex animations before diving into cinematics 😀



We haven’t forgotten about Taron, shes getting some new scenes for 1.0
This month, I’m animating a scene of Demi and Captain tag-teaming Taron on the couch.



I’ve been knee-deep into setting up scene blocking for a whole heap of awesome cut scenes, many of which occur at pivotal narrative beats of the story. It’s been a good time applying some storytelling skills to really have the moments land the way we want.

I’d share screenshots of my work for the month, but I don’t want to spoil anything of course 😉

Hungry JJ


Today I would like to share some screenshots for 3 new side quests. Two are Space Combat and the other is Grid Combat. Nothing too major as far as changing gameplay but we were able to customize them a bit to provide something more memorable and unique. Also, I have been working on getting the anomalies in game for navigation. It’s always amusing reading the different descriptions provided. The one that stuck out this time is a planet named “Peabhe N’Jae”, I did my best to achieve the look described 😊.



Samantha Flowers

Hello everyone!

Recently I had the pleasure of getting back in the booth and recording some fresh content for Sova (ooh yes, some of it very spicy…). I’ve also been working on the sound design for Blythe’s set of pandora scenes. She has quite a lot, so long time fans of her will hopefully feel she’s been worth the wait!

Billy Grande

Hello everyone!

I couldn’t ask for more exciting content to include in my first Dev Diary entry! For this month, it has been an absolute pleasure to work out an upgrade system for our favorite mainframe (to be included in 1.0. I’ve also reviewed Blythe’s skillset to make sure she can assert dominance, and gave an obsessive fangirl enough toys for her closet! I’m really looking forward to showing you what’s next.



Having worked on so many… phallic implements over the years, it felt very rewarding that this month I got to build a museum environment to house some of my unholy creations.



Hi guys!

Here we are again to show you the new things we are making for the upcoming updates. Very cool stuff is in progress, and one is our girl DEMI’s proposed leveling system that Billy talked about. I’m very excited that we are now ready to share this WIP UI with you! Hope you enjoy it!



Hi everyone,
The upgrade system took me by surprise as well, I’m looking forward to how it would affect the game!


I continue to work full time on the project. I’m busy with improving usability, adding new UI elements, implementing new modules, fixing issues, and optimizing the code, etc.

See you next month!

Bis bald,
Till Eulenspiegel