Dear Fans,

We’re hard at work on the next important chapter of the story. Things come to a head as the major players in the galaxy set off on a collision course of jizz-tastic proportions! The next update will feature Blythe heavily, so all you Blythe fanboys better prepare!


BIG HUGE MASSIVE HONKING NURTURING BOMBS OF TITS was on my tasklist this month, posing Blythe up for the gallery. Further preparing some more scenes for work by others and then finalizing a couple of important cinematics.


This month I’m working on further cinematics for the game. Our kinosseurs in the team will show me work by J.J. Abrams, Ridley Scott and other old farts to better guide me through the storyboard process. Then I move on to animation and lighting, getting feedback in-between, so I can deliver rendered files before a deadline.

Massimo Decimo Meridio

All my energies in this month, are being given to posing and setting the timeline for two differents cinematics, Fortune and Blythe Devotion Quests! Both of them will be long and very challenging animations! Can’t wait to directly move into the animation and give all these shots beautiful appeals!


For this Month, I’m working on an prone bone animation scene of Elaisha and Captain where he roughly chokeholds her into submission. It was a spacewhale request. I hope he likes it!


I had some vacation time this month and went to Norway and Sweden with some friends and family, so I’m back and fully charged!
Having finished a major round of Pandora animations, I am back to work on cutscenes. The one I’m working on right now has me giggling to myself like an idiot and I look forward to having you all enjoy it as well.

Hungry JJ


Lately I have been working on Grid and Space Combat main quest missions related to the next characters storyline. As far as the space combat mission goes, the closest thing I could compare it to in the game is the Kloi Armada Run. Also, I have been incorporating assets for the dialogue sections of the game and eventually a couple of newer characters.

Samantha Flowers

Hello everyone,

This month I’ve been hard at work whipping the visual novel scenes into shape. It’s been quite difficult due to the amount of upcoming group conversations, combined with the limitations of the system! At the very least, Celestina and Erark fans (such as myself) will have something very “fun” to look forward to.


This April I’ve worked on [REDACTED] which will be the [REDACTED] where you’ll [REDACTED] [REDACTED] and hopefully [REDACTED] before you get to [REDACTED]. Hope you’ll enjoy it. : )


Hi guys! Blythe’s graphics are ready and now I’m working on some storyboards and still-shots to be used in the storytelling. We are currently planning those and I’m very excited for the moment they will start taking their final form!



See you next month!

Bis bald,
Till Eulenspiegel