Dear Fans,

One more release under our belt and we can finally start seeing the light at the end of the proverbial gamedev tunnel! It comes as no secret that we have Blythe still to come, and our attention is focused solely on ensuring that her story gets the proper treatment. Most of the team is now working on the last parts of the main storyline, after which we will be able to tackle some of the more requested rebalancing and progression issues as we near version 1.0

In the meantime we want to thank you guys for the messages of support provided, your energy and passion means a great deal to the team!


This has been a busy month of supporting other members, not just my own.
Creating the final storyboard scenes, sex animations, and rigs to get things started. I also helped on the tail-end of things with some lighting, problem solving and rendering.
This week I am working on the Blythe foreplay scene that should give my physics-skillz a good challenge.


This week I’ve been working on cinematics as the Subverse plotline approaches its final chapters. I was asked to set up this cinematic as “bloody”, “violent” and “edgy” as possible, so I threw buckets of blood, gore and destruction everywhere. Very therapeutic.

Massimo Decimo Meridio

In March, after giving a final pass to a threesome Pandora scene including our beautiful Sova, Elaisha and the Huntress, I moved directly into Blythe cinematics! After completing a very emotional scene, I am now working on a very sexy cinematic between her and the Captain! It will be a pleasure to work on such an amazing and long challenge!


As of this week, I’m animating a Blythe space whale request from one of the Kickstarter backers.


Been fully focused on a TON of new Pandora scenes to help keep the horny flowing for everyone.

As of writing this I also just got started on probably the largest cutscene cinematic I’ve done for Subverse so far. This part is something I’m super excited about in particular and I’m working hard to make sure it’s a banger!

Hungry JJ


This past week, post the Huntress launch, we already had our first meeting going over the next character’s storyline and gameplay events. Besides some initial game flow configurations I am actively getting Blythe ready for dinner with the Captain.

Samantha Flowers

Hello everyone,

Full speed ahead towards General Elizabeth Blythe! Can you believe she’ll have over 150 new lines of dialogue!? And that’s only counting -one character- in the main story mission, so you can imagine I have quite a busy schedule ahead of me getting everything installed into the game!

Gina Galore has always been a delight to work with; not only is she quite the chameleon in the vocal booth, but she’s always been a bundle of sunshine and positive energy every time we’ve spoken. I’m honored at the opportunity to collaborate with such a professional, and always have fun getting to edit and integrate her VO. Despite her role in Subverse being so complicated, this starving-for-revenge, rage-filled yet tactical militant, she delivers it in such a way that we sympathize and root for her even if she’s not on our side (yet). Bravo!!


This month, between a couple of VERY spoilery GC maps that I’m pretty sure I can’t show, also I got to work on this cool Space Diner to be used in a future cinematic.


What time is it? Blythe time! Working her graphics now and, although not everything is black and crimson, badass vibes are on their way to all of us. Prepare yourselves


The elderly foot soldier of the team reporting to the FOW army. I am here and I keep doing my part to get the game into shape. The game will be a lot better with the devotion quests, revamped progression system and more balanced grid combat. I will post a blog entry in the next 2 weeks with some tangible information. Thanks for your wonderful support, it is very much appreciated!

See you next month!

Bis bald,
Till Eulenspiegel