Dear Fans,

Things are progressing smoothly on the next release of Subverse’s Early Access, which will feature the Huntress. Testers are currently helping us polish the two boss fights contained in this patch, and we’re going to announce the release date as soon as we feel ready.


Huntress foreplay on the menu!

This was a fun one to make, the dynamic switching tickles the imagination and problem solving to make it work. After the animation was done, making the lighting work for her tricky materials/shaders was really rewarding.

Other than that, I was polishing up more cinematics and the postprocessing for her chapter’s final release!


I’ve been working on future storyline cinematics this month, some tasks revolving around animation, others around building or lighting the scenes themselves. Aside from that, I’ve been doing final animation passes, lip syncing and lighting on Pandora scenes, too.

Massimo Decimo Meridio

This month has been focused on some additional Elaisha content! There are some new very exciting lesbian animations coming up too, to fill that niche.
There’s also a solo sexy toy machine animation and moving into new challenging works with the cinematics for the end of the story 😀


For this month, I’m doing some premium POV animation scenes to give some already-released girls more content. In one scene, Fortune uses Cap’s pipe as a straw to drain his lifeforce.


Been doing a lot of hard work to help boost the amount of upcoming Pandora scenes, especially for the final recruitable waifu. Can’t wait to have them in the game for your viewing pleasure! It’s been a long time coming!

While we wait, here’s a little peek at Taron helping out Lily’s all-important research.

Hungry JJ


Since the last post, I have been working on several areas of the game now that the game flow of the next release is in place. I have worked on Grid Combat/Space Combat story based missions, integrating the next set of PANDORA scenes and gallery poses and existing Mary Celeste activities associated with the next character.

Samantha Flowers

Hello everyone,

This month I’ve been submerging my ears into the sound design for this block’s batch of cinematics. Let’s just say I am a big fan of where this chapter takes place!

In addition, I’ve had the honor of pulling selects for Aria Lynn’s performance for Pandora! She really wowed us with an incredible variety of titillating takes, and handled all of my direction notes tremendously. I’m super excited for all our Huntress’ fans, the light at the end of the tunnel is nearly here for this beloved squid girl.


I continued working on the final batch of grid combat maps for the game. It’s really interesting to explore locations other than the usual sci-fi fare. For instance, I got to put together this vile, disgusting, repugnant alien insect hive for a particular devotion quest. It was quite fun actually.


Hi guys! Here we are again to share our favorite bits of our internal game-making process with you!
Before every release, we always devote some time and energy to check the new content and assure that both performance and game-play balance are in place. So, this month is all about testing for me and our dedicated testers. Then, after a good first check, we also welcome our volunteer testers to join the process. We are thankful to say that they are always eager to provide their critical eye and passion for this game!


Hi lovelies!

I just wanted to let you know that for the Fowcade, the first thing we are aiming to get running is the Plexiglass modpack via FTB launcher! It’s a little bit of a slow process in terms of setting stuff up, but I can’t wait to have it available for you all to come together as a community and play! ♥

See you next month!

Bis bald,
Till Eulenspiegel