Dear Fans,

We hope that everyone had an enjoyable holiday season spent with your favorite waifu (or waifus)!

2022 was a year filled with adversity for us all, with COVID, health, family, and recruitment issues putting a lot of pressure on the production of the game.

On the plus side, we managed to make quite a bit of progress on the game and its underlying systems, but the lack of available AAA-talent willing to work on an adult title like Subverse puts a huge strain on our recruitment efforts. In 2023 we hope to power forward and finish the main storyline and then start revamping the game’s core systems. The aim and commitment is to get Subverse ready to claw its way out early access.

We promise you that the team will not give up despite the challenging circumstances, and we will keep fighting and grinding to honor the support shown by those that have purchased the game.

In fact, the studio has been back at work since January 2nd and we’re balls-deep into production of the next juicy chapter of the game! Check it out:



Hope that you guys had a great Christmas and a Happy new year!

This cold dark month has been filled with a concoction of variety as usual. Learned even more about VFX, pandora scenes and cinematics, very fun physics animations.

But the magnum opus of this month has been a very VERY VERY huge penis, doomed to end all of us and the Captain, if you are not careful.


I’m working on more animations for game combat video overlays. If there is a flair to describe the way The Huntress operates, I think of the ‘Nothing Personal, Kid’ meme.

Massimo Decimo Meridio

Aaah January, this wonderful month all my skills have been mostly sent to the Huntress, with a variety of new animations idealized and created from scratch!

We also have a new entry animation for Taron, with a very creative scenario, but I’ll still keep all the info for this a secret so that I don’t spoil anything!

The month isn’t over yet, so I guess some other new surprises are yet to come!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and thanks to all for enjoying the Fortune update!


Happy Lunar New Year for all our asian fans! For this month, I finished animating a project about the 2 Mantics manhandling a petite Huntress.

My next scenario was a bunch of clones of the Captain gangbanging Taron and hopefully will be done by tomorrow.


My tasklist was more animation for Pandora, more ideas for Pandora and more work on a brand new mantics grid combat animations.

I’ve recently been able to get some pretty substantial upgrades to my work-space/battlestation as well, including new monitor arms, mouse and chair. I feel I’ve improved my animation skill a little more over the past month as well which feels pretty neat.

Full steam ahead! Hope you all had a wonderful holidays!


Hungry JJ


Now that Fortune’s main quest is complete, we will be moving on to the next character, Blythe! Or was it the Huntress? Anyway, like before, we will go through the process of taking the script and creating an activity diagram for the team as a guide to follow. This is always helpful for us to review quickly which events will take place and when. This includes items unlocking, quest availability, character recruitment, onboard activities and more.

Another area that I have been involved with lately is creating and assisting with some of the space related environments for the next upcoming cinematics. I enjoy doing this as it provides a change of pace from the usual development task. With each character release, the amount of assistance required on this matter varies.

Lastly, I have been reviewing some of the issues reported based on Fortune’s release to see what we can address in the next update.

Samantha Flowers

Hello everyone,

This month I’ve been finalizing and exporting all the necessary VO files for the next recruitment mission into FMOD. Thankfully, for once I’m ahead of schedule, so I’m even getting a head start putting all the assets together within DIS. Setting up DIS has become a guilty pleasure of mine, since it’s really all about making the actors and actresses shine, and moving the story forward in a hopefully visually engaging way.



This month I got the opportunity to model my first waifu outfit, which is this sick dark armor for Killi. Bit of a challenge but I think it turned out alright, and all it cost me was my sanity. 🙂


Hello folks!
New block, new fascinating characters to befriend and encounter! As always, first thing I do is their graphics and portraits before I proceed to engine side tasks, only this time I’m doing it with lots of little lights blinking around!

Bangkok ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[SPOILERS] Due to the playtesting nature of this past month, the design – playtest – feedback – design loop took most of my time when ensuring that the Huntress Boss Fight and the PrimeMega Boss Fight met our standards and expectations. Additionally, designs for other areas of the game, including a very spicy Space Combat Mission, were either prepared for post-0.6 release or finalized.


Hey cuties!

This month I’ve worked on refining our Discord. A new awesome feature has been added, onboarding!

When you get invited to the server, or have friends invited to the server, they will be prompted with a quick two or three page survey asking what kind of content they are interested in, the backend will do the rest!

See you next month!

Bis bald,
Till Eulenspiegel