Hi everyone! Here is our April 2022 update. Let’s hear what the team have to say about their daily struggle of working on titties and ass for a living.


I have worked on two extremes of Sova’s sex scenes this month which has a nice contrast to the way you animate. From the softer foreplay to showing off her race’s stretchy anatomy. No Sovas were hurt during this process.

Idles and cinematics have also been one of my priorities. The idles have been my favorite ones to animate to date, I really must like the color blue I guess..
And the Captain takes a literal spin in the F3N1X in an obligatory space battle cinematic.


I’ve been working on a cinematic of Elaisha’s. Like with other cinematics, I began by sketching a storyboard. Once the storyboard got approved, I posed characters (i.e. blocking) to test how it all looks in practice. More angles and scenes were added when I miscalculated timings or had to better sync overall momentum to Elaisha’s theme song. Towards the end, I also added lights to the scene. Since Elaisha is an upbeat character with a darker edge, I tried to use shadows to elicit suspense.

Massimo Decimo Meridio

In this wonderful month I have been put through the ringer known as Sova’s Pandora animations, and actually I’m really enjoying animating her. Her different proportions are a new challenge! I have also finished one of the most difficult animations, which was a kissing one.


Lately I’ve been thinking, most of my siblings are already professional lawyers, architects, and doctors… and look at me… a 3D porn animator! But hey! If my work helps make Subverse better, and our wonderful community enjoy the content, I am happy to be a 3D porn animator.
Anyway, as of this April, I just finished animating this Sova scene that’s waiting for approval. I call it “Sitting on Cap’s Lap and Taking a Huge Dump on Him.”


Apart from getting to know Sova in a few Pandora scenes, I’m also being brought into the flow of creating animations for in-game dialogue scenes. It’s a bit of a different workflow since parts of the character movements are driven by code but I’m really getting the hang of it!


Lately, I’ve been working on a bunch of Pandora animations with our small and blue waifu, Sova. Ever since I started working with her, my mind has been corrupted. I see an adorable blueberry and nothing else.
Oh, I’ve also been introduced to fluids and now I know how to make people squirt.

Attila von Fock

I’m having more tentacle time this month, there is no limitation in terms of ideas with tentacles. Dealing with tentacles is very challenging for an animator yet interesting at the same time.

Hungry JJ

Hi there,

Just like last time, after each story section release, the main goal is to sequence the next set of gameplay events to take place during Sova’s story quest. It is a collaborative effort dissecting the script and turning into a playable experience for the user.

In addition to this I have also started working on the next Space Combat bossfight. Not sure if I can say this but it involves a character that you may have encountered already that rhymes with the word funtress. 😊

Prof. Bang Dev

Alcohol consumption will take a big role in one of our upcoming experiences, so I did what I must, and made a liquid in bottle shader.

I think it was Half Life Alyx that popularized it, but overall, it’s a basic and fun little thing that can help users understand exactly how much liquid is in those beer bottles.

It’s more important to know than you think!

Mrs. Mankrik

I have been working on creating a minigame for the next block. In the minigame, the player will have to attempt to outdrink Sova in the form of a rhythm game. It was a challenge to get the difficulty right, since I’m used to playing rhythm games at high difficulties, but we hope players of any skill level will be able to enjoy this minigame.


With the start of this new block I’ve been going over some more quality of life changes within grid combat. It will now be possible to see chain reaction effects within the preview damage, it will also be easier to see how some AOE’s will affect the ground around them even if no enemies are on those tiles to preview the damage itself. With this comes some minor optimizations when targeting.

I’ve also been looking into reworking out level scaling as currently some characters scale so poorly at the later levels that they simply become unusable, this will require some extensive testing for balancing which will likely lead to some more changes in later blocks.


Hi all. Since the start of the block, I’ve been working mostly on the grid combat stuff, along with our internal testing team to iron out some of the bugs that we found. I’ve also started to contribute to some of the space combat missions and a little bit on navigation. Recently, I’ve been working closely with our game designer for the grid combat implementation of a certain blueberry shortstack that’ll bonk the living daylights out of her enemies

Samantha Flowers

A very important criticism I saw amidst the release of the Taron block was concerning the lack of participation from previously recruited crew members, and lack of group oriented interaction in general. Well, I’m very pleased to report that is not the case for the Sova block! This patch is going to be jam packed with characters, new and old, a bit more akin to the writing found in the Elaisha patch.
I’ve also been hard at work rehearsing and doing retakes for Sova from 2020 to 2022 to try to get things RIGHT and earn my place in walking alongside the absolute powerhouse that is our cast. I hated my performance before, but I’m feeling much more confident about it now, so the experience and practice is paying off!


This month I had the opportunity of putting together the Teelee Arena (or Teerena, for close friends). It’s your standard MMA style octagon, but with a sci-fi twist! Here I was able to put Erin’s sponsor logos to good use and have Professor Bang’s crowd asset give the map a bit more life.


I’ve been bullying Blythe telling her she looks cute in a bunny costume.


Hi guys! First of all, thank you for the great response to the previous update! It means a lot for all creatives to receive good vibes on their work and it helps reinvigorate them to keep going.
Along with my work as a graphic designer, I’ve recently been focused towards collecting your feedback. This has resulted in quite a few sleepless nights but its worth it to implement it into the game!
A lot of new things are going on in the game and it’s exciting working on them! People, places, plot, adventure and… well… pleasure of course. Stay tuned 😀

Maturing Juniors

Since I did not want to spam this Dev Diary with a wall of text, if you are interested what I am up to there are more details in my latest blog at tibor.blog – https://tibor.blog/2022/04/27/three-steps-forward-once-step-back/. Take care of yourselves!

See you next month!

Bis bald,
Till Eulenspiegel