Hi everyone! The Taron release is currently in testing and we’re on track for the projected release of early March. We will communicate the exact release date after the team is comfortable with the state of the build. Obviously we would’ve loved to get it out in January for you guys but the holidays brought with them several management changes and a team restructuring, which slowed down our progress more than we would like.

The new lead designer and our game director DC will have a separate dev diary coming soon where they outline the revamps going on and where the game philosophy is heading towards, but in the meantime the team is back with a progress update as they put the finishing touches on Taron!



I dipped my toes into lighting last time around with Ela’s set, and this time I was tasked with adding lights and postprocessing to all of the Pandora scenes included in the upcoming release.

It is an ever growing skill to produce a nicely lit scene and to keep it well optimized at the same time, great fun!


Right now I’m working on Taron’s dating animations. Professional animator that I am, I began by filming my method acting of a catgirl’s glee to (purportedly) obtain body language references. Since the deadline is tight, I’ve been working in stages. First I tackled the Idle animation. With that as an established foundation, I focused on the lip sync of all her reactions. The remaining time I dedicated to animating her expressions and body as she reacts to dating gifts. Compared to the other girls, Taron has bouts of shyness, so the VA’s performance was a helpful guide in animating that characteristic.

Massimo Decimo Meridio

After diving into spaceship and lip sync animations, I had the chance to work on a special scene for a future content patch involving DEMI! All I can say is that Demi is extremely sexy and she knows how to tease the Captain!


I’m working on some NSFW content for next block involving DEMI. We’re trying out some new, more flexible poses for her to take advantage of her excellent rigging by Rocky.


Been working on cutscenes since last we spoke. The Taron patch has less of them than Ela’s block, but they are a lot more meaningful. There’s a few shots that I’m pretty excited for you all to see since I think they’re some of the best ones I’ve done for Subverse so far.

Also, here’s Killi’s butt…


Lately, I’ve been given the task of lighting some cinematic shots. As Taron is about to get her hands on a very powerful artifact, I am focusing on bringing a golden light shaft on her. The good thing with cinematic is that I don’t have to care about optimization at all so I can go crazy with the lights. It’s a lot of fun!

Attila von Fock

I’m working on combat animation design for some upcoming waifus. The main thing the director wanted was a more anime-feel to the moves and a lot more dynamism so I am trying to deliver that.

Hungry JJ


Since the last dev diary, I have finished up the Taron Stealth Mission, worked on lots of backend data tables and made some UI updates. Lately I have been assisting with audio integration where various sounds need to be triggered in PANDORA, Space Combat & Grid Combat.

Prof. Bang Dev

I’ve worked on lots of particle effects over the last month, some of them for pre-rendered content, and some for actual gameplay.
There’s an important scene that needs finalizing and giving it a more striking look.
On the cinematic side I had to add a lot of flashy effects, because in this release you’ll see some pretty complex scenes!

Mrs. Mankrik

I’ve mostly been working on PANDORA fluids and integration this month, but I’ve also been finishing up Taron’s poses and physics in the Gallery.


This month I’ve been working on a UI overhaul for grid combat, as well as a few other minor UI changes (gallery backgrounds now have a buy preview for example)
With the new lead designer onboard, there’s also been some changes to the tactical combat and we’ve been hatching up plans to improve upon it even more on the next block.


For this month, I’ve been working on the implementation of the reworked UI, specifically for the Grid Combat and the balancing of the random scenarios. Lots of updated assets are also rolling in so I also do the integration and testing for some of those.

Samantha Flowers

Hello everyone,

I’ve been hard at work chipping away at the sound design for the new Imperium units you’ll be facing off against in this upcoming Taron update. The theme I was given was “They are righteous and utilize holy magic, but also have sticks up their asses”.

More importantly, I’ve been having fun getting to lay down quite a few tracks for this update’s story cinematics. Can’t wait for you all to see how they unfold!



Further expanding on the locations the crew will be visiting in the future, I got to work on this mysterious facility set on a snowy hillside. If only you knew what lurks within its frosty metal walls.
I’m also putting together this very unusual alien palace, packed to the brim with gaudy sci-fi decor and lots and lots of Neon.


It’s been mostly a month of working on grid combat and space combat models, some of which are part of the chapter after Taron, plus side quest models.


Hi guys! So here we are, about to release some new content that we already love and we’re sure you will, too!
As I’ve only been a member of this team for a few months, this was the first chapter I’ve worked on and I want to say it’s been a creative and fun experience. Finishing the work for the first chapter you’re part of conveys a unique kind of joy, made stronger especially if you happen to look forward to the next one! I’m really thankful for all the good vibes I received from both you and the Subverse team about the new UI, and I can’t wait to work on more of the game!


My transformation from junior dev to an expert porn game developer is almost complete.
I didn’t want to make wall of text here so I created a blog to talk about my Unreal Engine software endeavour. Please read if you are interested at tibor.blog.

See you next month!

Bis bald,
Till Eulenspiegel