Hello from the Subverse dev team!
Welcome folks to 2022! The team had a refreshing Christmas back and they’re all excited to be back to working on Subverse. Our goal is to release the much-awaited Taron chapters in early March. We’re working our asses off to make this happen so the team is here to share some of the stuff they’ve been working on this month! Take a look:


I’ve been dusting off Lilys machine that some of you may remember, and she’s putting it to the test on the next girl in line: Killi.
It sports some new specs, and high enough speeds to start a fire, but thankfully it is cooled down by lube.


Work continues in lip-syncing and finalising Pandora animations. This week, I’m taking over and finalizing an Elaisha Premium animation that needs a final pass. This is a special Kickstarter-requested animation from one of our spacewhales, so I’m taking extra care with it. I was also asked to introduce rougher breast play to it along with overall improvements to jiggling and motion.

Massimo Decimo Meridio

I am powering through more Pandora scenes, finalizing some facial animations, as well as adding a new one from scratch because we were short 1 from the Ela set. Lesbian fans rejoice! And I’m sure Ela will enjoy Taron’s licking skills 😛


Typhoon Rai/Odette, paid me a visit during December, which means that unfortunately my focus has been to be able to get back online and fix the roof and windows in my house…


Faces and hair!
That’s what I’m focusing on the most right now. The voice actresses really knocked it out of the park once again and I’m doing all I can to capture every little detail of their performances. Every little roll of the eyes, twitch of an eyebrow or tremble of the lip counts.

Also, I think I’m falling in love with Tarons fangs…


What if I told you that if you’re smart enough, you can create your own living toys? Well, Lily jumped on that particular bandwagon and here she is, enjoying the time of her life.

Attila von Fock

I’ve just finished some alone time with tentacles. Suffice to say, it was one of the more challenging scenes…one tentacle is difficult enough to coordinate but when there are multiple ones in the scene then things get super interesting!

Hungry JJ

Hi there,
Since the last update, the primary focus has been on Taron’s unique stealth space combat mission, amongst the other tasks around the project. In this mission, there will be a few additional mechanics introduced such as stealth, some noise detection, interactable objects and rooms locking down. With these new additions, we are also looking into ways of re-using these mechanics in other parts of space combat to add more variety to the regular space combat encounters. Here are a couple of screenshots prototyping the mission.

Prof. Bang Dev

StudioFOW is famous for their quality in videos, so to me, to a mere mortal, it’s an honor to help them with some cinematics.
I’m working on the effects for a very important scene, trying to make it look powerful – I have no eyes for beauty, but I can create some good looking destruction and gore – worthy of the StudioFOW name.

Last block we used Unreal Engine 5 for a few cinematics where ray traced lights (Lumen) and hyper detailed surfaces (Nanite) was needed, and who knows, maybe we’ll use it here too – we’ll see.

Mrs. Mankrik

I’ve mostly been making sure that all PANDORA scenes are working, no waifus are swapped, and no bones are freaking out. I’m also taking care of all the fluids that are coming out of various appendages and orifices. It’s nice to see all the porn coming together for this release.


Last time I mentioned I was working on giving users more control over the NSFW content, the core technology behind this is now complete and we have a prototype scene working with it. With that huge undertaking out of the way, I’ve been focusing on optimizations, bug fixing, and implementing some quality of life changes that have been approved.


I’ve been working mostly on fixing bugs and random scenarios tuning to give you guys a better gaming experience. I also worked on something new and exciting that I know will be appreciated by the cultured men (and women) out there. So be sure to.. uhh.. squeeze in some game time for the next update.

Claudine Coquine

At the moment I am starting to prep the next Act, laying out, posing and blocking the next round of cinematics to give the team a head start on the near future of Subverse!

Samantha Flowers

Hello everyone,

I’ve been putting time into the sound design itself. Creating various slaps, smacks, and slurps, making sure they’re the right amount of dry or wet, warm or bright, depending on the nature of the scene. “How much distance is there between the characters and the camera? How lubricated are they? How much is that butt jiggling?” These are the questions a professional has to ask themselves.

Aside from Pandora, I’ve brought back some familiar names for this block’s batch of side quest characters. Our cast is truly filled with chameleons, and they continue to impress me with the wide variety of roles they can play!


As I continued to work on the cinematic sets for the next Act, I had the chance to put together this particular research facility set in an icy planet, entombed by snow. Cant wait for you guys to find out what mysteries are hidden here!


Everyone loves bunny outfits.


This was a month full of UI updates. Some of the highlights are PANDORA’s visual additions, starting with the loading screen. The quest log went through a massive makeover as well, not only appearance-wise but on a functional level too! We’re also adding a new filtering system that will hopefully enhance your mission experience.


Thank you very much for being so supportive and I hear your concerns about my internship status, but in fact the very good news is that I was promoted from intern to junior code pre-analyser.
On a serious note, I am making a good progress in learning the details of Unreal Engine by mainly focusing on C++ development. I have delivered some code already. Now I am prototyping the dating system, branching dialogue and a skills tree. It is really exciting and I can’t wait to show it to you guys very soon.

See you in a few weeks time!

Bis bald,
Till Eulenspiegel