Dear Subverse Players,

This is Tibor again. We will keep updating you about the development of Subverse in this Dev Diary, but before we get to that part – please allow me to reflect upon my actions in the last few weeks.

Please accept my sincere apology for the poor communication that I have been putting forward lately. My uncareful messages offended many players. I am very sorry for offending anyone – that was not my intention. Also, the way I handled certain topics in the public domain created stress for the team. The last thing we need to do is distract our exceptionally talented, creative team from their work. As a consequence, and to take responsibility for my actions, I am stepping back from leading our software development. Do not worry, the game is in very good hands, with other senior team members filling my shoes, as we head into the next phase of development.

On a personal note, I would also like to thank all who supported me, sent me such kind messages, encouraged me on Steam, YouTube, on other various forums and in personal messages. That means a lot to me, and I am grateful for your kindness and support.

With that, please let me introduce our new communication expert – Till Eulenspiegel. Till has extensive experience in dealing with complex matters in a simple way. He is a proven problem solver. Since dealing with intimate topics is one of Till’s greatest attributes, we feel he is a good fit for a porn parody game like Subverse.

The floor is yours Till!

Till Eulenspiegel – New Community Spokesperson

To all of my new friends and fellow perverts around the globe, I wish to say Hello!!

You may call me Till, and I have been tasked by the management of StudioFOW with game production communications from here on out. I will be bringing you all sorts of exciting, spicy, and even sometimes slightly sticky news from the moist and hot center of the dev pit in which our monumental space fuck epic is conceived.

Today I bring you a new Dev Diary format for your enjoyment – you will be hearing directly from our beloved and mostly stable (mostly) team members, that are working hard on the next block of content, as they review their recent tasks and accomplishments that will soon all merge together to make our sexy kitty release something that is worthy of your fappage.



God kväll! As one of the senior animators at the studio, it’s my duty to use my grand wizard IK/FK rig magic to bring the waifus to life. While anyone can fill their beautifully tight orifices with monster dongs exceeding a meter in length – the important thing is to get it done with high quality befitting the studio and make their pleasure match their personalities.

Here’s a preview of the current PANDORA animation I’m working on. I’m proud to report that I spent hours today fondling the bones of this beast’s nutsack in order to achieve the “thwapping” glory for which I am known.

Although sometimes rather than hand-animate, we do rely on physics inside UE4 for the most critical of character animation, like making sure Erark’s model holds up in the wind:


Speaking of the duties of a senior animator and bringing our characters to life, I have recently been working with Moneyshot on Taron’s idles that will be used in DIS (our Dialogue Input System). Since these idles will be used throughout the game in many story sequences, we want to make sure Taron’s sassy yet timid cat girl personality shines through.

Here’s a nice lineup of her poses for you to enjoy:

And here’s an example of what happens when you encounter bugs during this process:


Magandang araw! Living my life like a middle-aged single dog hikkikomori gives me the time I need to dedicate to important block objectives, like creating Taron’s recruitment animation. Here you can see her, as the Captain says, “taking a rocket ride to jizz city” in his quarters.


Currently, I am taking care of an important part of bringing more animations to PANDORA, which is called “retargeting.” This is where we take popular animations already available for other waifus and apply them to new ones. As you can see, DEMI is totally thrilled about it!

Massimo Decimo Meridio

I’ve also been working on a retarget of a popular animation we brought out in the last block.


Let’s play a game called, “What’s in Lily’s mouth?” Tune in next block to see!

Attila von Fock

Two aliens walk into a bar. They see an android with 27 different suction settings in her holes. They are happy. Thank you.



Hungry JJ

Although I’m our resident SHMUP expert, I’m also responsible for many of the less action-centric tasks that need to be done from block to block. For example, right now I’m getting one of the most important parts of the game assembled for our next release, which is what we call the “skeleton” of the block.

This is the framework upon which everything else stands – making sure the plot sequences and their subsequent content unlocks fire in the correct order, adding new characters, new planets, etc. It’s a lot of work, but extremely necessary to make Subverse work.

Professor BANG

As you’ve seen in other Dev Diaries, I am the one that does the majority of the animation for our grid combat models (like our good friend William Dildofingers).

This block is no exception, and I recently wrapped production on our new friends in the Imperium faction. Making the War Golem fall to pieces was very entertaining.

Now I’m finishing up Taron. Since her combat archetype is one of a thief/acrobat, she is entertaining to animate, because I can always slip in a bit of spinning and free-falling into her moveset. You’ll see her jumping up and down and clawing her way through the enemies. Her tail and breasts are physically active, and her hair can move in the wind, but of course the most important thing is that she is a good addition to our team.

Mrs. Mankrik

One of my primary tasks is getting all of the new character models set up in DIS. The process requires the installation of lookat assets and facial morphs so the characters can express themselves, along with providing animation blending for the primary characters. This allows their various poses to transition smoothly, which is necessary for making plot sequences flow well – like when you meet the lead singer of Chuttphallica.

After all, if they aren’t set up correctly, embarrassing mishaps like this can occur…


Grid combat has been at the top of my list lately, and programming as well as balancing the Imperium units went well. Now I’m working on a new manticore that doesn’t exactly “horse around” when it comes to his role as an anti-ranged tank.


I can’t talk about my recent tasks too much without spoiling a major upcoming boss fight, but I can reveal two things:

  1. It’s unlike anything we’ve done in the game so far, and it’s challenging and fun
  2. Mark-17 Pussy Pummeler





Right now I’m completing some new grid combat maps as well as completing an upgrade pass on our old ones. Other than gameplay maps, I’m responsible for creating many of the cinematic sets you see throughout the game. I recently created one for the Imperium facility you will raid with Taron.


When I’m not busy maintaining the models or creating new ones for things like side quests, I make sexy bikinis for the waifus to be used with the upcoming outfit system. My job is pretty awesome.


Right now I’m going down the list of required assets for this block, such as the new character ability icons. I’m also upgrading our old graphic assets that need a little love, such as the end of mission rank stars that will be more prominent now that replayable missions will be added to the game.

…and that’s all for this entry, my new friends!

I look forward to bringing you more Subverse news and titty screenshots in the near future.

Bis bald,
Till Eulenspiegel