Dear Subverse Players!

For this dev diary we wanted to talk about some features of the next block of content.


As previously announced, this block will be the debut of Taron! Here are some spicy preview pics to introduce Taron.


Taron’s content block has several new and exciting features, but the one we’re most excited about is a closely guarded secret since the start of development – the DEVA system!

DEVA transforms your waifus into all-new sinfully sexy and monstrous incarnations of their original designs, giving them access to powerful abilities that will rain only the sexiest and most terrifying of tentacled destruction down upon your enemies.

We’ll be providing a thorough overview of the mechanics in a later post, but we welcome you to enjoy this teaser now.


You will also be introduced to a new faction that has never been seen before, even in the closed beta – THE IMPERIUM.

That’s right – you’ll finally be throwing down with the intergalactic government’s forces in the next update. We hope you’re ready, because they will definitely challenge your unit positioning.

We’ve tried to give each faction featured in Subverse their own identity, like with the Fuccbotts and their self-destruction, the Kloi with their backstabbing, and now the Imperium has something you haven’t faced thus far – strong AOE tactics and zoning.

The Imperium units excel at dealing damage to multiple targets at once, meaning the best way to fight them is to keep your units spread out and go for high-payoff directional damage attacks. Their damage is tuned to accommodate for this, but misplaying too often will certainly spell doom for your units.
Here’s an overview of the roster:


These guys are pseudo-artillery units that bombard you from across the map. Getting caught in the centre of their blasts will deal full damage, and targets outside the main tile will take reduced damage. Make sure you take them out before they get access to their ultimate, which will absolutely nuke half the map.


Countering these unique DPS units will require you to not only spread out your units, but also avoid creating straight lines. They can launch their projectiles through the primary enemy and all the way across the rest of the map, dealing secondary damage to anyone caught in their path.

War Golem

One of the most unique units in the game, War Golems perfectly compliment the Imperium’s zoning strategy by moving very, very slowly but dealing heavy damage when they catch your units. Lucky for you they also damage themselves when they attack, so their time is limited even if you choose not to focus them down. However, waiting too long will give them access to an ultimate attack that self-destructs and guarantees damage on all of your units.


The assassins of the Imperium, these guys can shred your units if you allow them to attack the same character multiple times. A successful attack will mark an enemy, and a second one will detonate that mark and deal additional damage. Make sure you don’t give them that opportunity and take them out fast!

Lady of the Veil

The holiest of the holy, the “captain” unit of the Imperium brings a style to Subverse not seen in an enemy yet. She’s a support unit that can heal her allies, but she can also deal damage yours at the same time. It is critical that you don’t allow her to ult, or she will reset the damage you’ve done to her HP. Remember – always focus on the healer!

We can also share a few new Grid Combat maps:


When it comes to unique mechanics, Taron’s got a SHMUP mission for you like nothing else in the game. It’s a true stealth mission deep into the heart of an Imperium stronghold where you’ll go on a quest to retrieve her favorite toy.

Here are some preview pics of the environment:

We’ll be back soon with more information on development, including some BTS content and direct reports from our programming and animation team!

Thanks for your support! Take care and stay safe!