Dear Subverse Users,

This is Tibor taking over for this devblog update as the team is very busy polishing up the Ela release you’ve all been patiently waiting for.

Firstly and most importantly, we are happy to let you know that the release date of the Ela patch is 25th October, 2021!

We want to make sure we release the best content that we can, so we’re taking a bit of extra time to polish up Pandora and our cinematics. You can see some of the results below:

I would also like to share with you what’s happening in the team, mainly from a product development viewpoint as well as describe how the production will move forward.

I am pleased to report the team is gaining more experience with every module that is being implemented. I can also report that right now we have a well-functioning group of extremely talented animators, 3D modellers, Unreal Engine developers, artists, graphic designers, voice actress and actors, content editors and several other impressively creative team members. Since we are investing all money that we earn from the early access sales into software development, the team is growing stronger.

As I am the head of software development, I must admit that all delays during production lending itself to this this longer than expected 6 months release period was mainly due to mistakes by the management.

On the senior level some of us have worked in software development for many decades. Maybe that is the issue. 21st century porn software development is not the business of old men who were born in the first half of the 20th century. Futa, mantics, the anal destruction of robot ladies, the trajectory of explosive fluids from footlong schlongs were never discussed in my classical Latin studies classes. Nor did we create such things on our Commodore 64’s. However, my Latin teacher often said: “Nil satis nisi optimum”. Therefore, we’ve hired young managers to drive this unique game forward, and we will keep hiring the best young talent to make the operation stronger. By learning from the mistakes of the past and with the energy of youth we can speed the releases up. Quod nocet, saepe docet. Our goal is to push a large release every 3-4 months. By gaining more and more experience in game application development we are confident that we can achieve such more frequent release schedule.

Thank you all for your wonderful support and allowing us to create the best adult game ever, which is what Subverse is shaping up to be.

Stay safe and again, I can’t say thanks enough for your wonderful support.

Head of Operation
Streembit Ltd