Hello everyone, this is Tibor again. I’m here today for two very important reasons.

First, I am happy to announce that the next content release for Subverse will be available sooner than the announced date of October 25th! We managed to complete the content already, and we will be publishing the release details very soon.

Second, since everyone here on the team very much appreciates your support of Subverse, we wanted to take the time necessary to follow up on some comments we received from our previous update.

walnutkerfling: Appreciate the update, but what’s with the delays? Create accurate projections and timelines.

You are absolutely right. We will strive to create accurate timelines and execute the software development tasks to meet these deadlines. I can assure you we are committed to delivering content quicker in the future – and that will be starting with the very next block.

Sir_pounce_a_lot: Great news, thank you for your hard work! You gotta fix that communication problem though. It would be much more beneficial for community if you can share information in smaller bits, but more frequently. People won’t think that devs are ghosting on them 🙂

We realize that the communication was handled extremely poorly, and we are committed to improving it in the future. There will absolutely be more frequent updates from now on.
I genuinely feel bad that the fans have not been informed properly in the last few months. Although we were focusing on development, recruitment, solving logistics issues, and dealing with Covid, it still does not make it acceptable. Our wonderful fans deserve a better communication and we will provide it!

PrzemysekGood news overall, hope we’ll get replayability of combat soon kinda like that too.

I can confirm the replayable missions are a Work-in-Progress. The developers have been working hard on this feature and I can confirm now that it will be part of the software.

nagypatrik007In the future, it would be nice to have more transparency, please.

You are absolutely right to ask for more transparency and we will comply with this request. We feel the software development is on the right track and now we can spend more time bringing more frequent news updates to the users of Subverse.

MERCY: That’s all I want to know, just tell me you have a clear schedule and take your time

We hear you, and I can confirm that we understand the importance of having a clear schedule. Thank you very much for your continued support.

lordplagueCannot wait to play more!
Take your time!

Thank you for your support. We aim to create an entertaining and fun game.

Ninety2Pac:Very happy to hear from the studio! Looking forward to the update on 10/25 – it looks phenomenal!

I am very proud of the animators, developers, modellers and all the artists and various professionals who work on this application. I truly believe they will surprise our users and the gaming community by delivering a phenomenal version 1.0 once the game is complete. Thank you for your support!

Jé dos Porcos: Take your time, no need to rush things! Just keep on doing the great things you keep making

Thank you very much, we really appreciate your support!

walnutkerflingI’m sure your efforts are being appreciated but in the business and customer service sense, this team basically failed.

I must agree with that, but please note we will fix this issue. Going forward you will get more updates and news. We will do everything we can to make clear that our users are very important for the team.

8Bit_Amethyst: Take your time guys, we know the finished product will be golden, that’s why I prepurchased.

Thank you very much! Your support means a lot to us. I also know that the end-product, Subverse 1.0 will be a fine and unique game application. We will do everything that we can to make that happen.

WaifuHunter69They are still looking for people to work on the game this late in development? They always say they have the people to make the game, but end it with they are searching for more people. I am not sure what sort of practices they have in development, but I would not be surprised if they keep hiring people and then firing them and having to start over in some areas with the game.

Recruitment is part of this business and that is the nature of software development. Team members leave for different reasons such as getting married and moving to another country. Others are getting better offers from AAA studios or they are looking for new challenges.
Developers could leave for other personal reasons. Professionals often move on in this business, and then we need to hire new team members, spend time to integrate them into the team and give them enough time to get familiar with the codebase. Unfortunately, ongoing recruitment will always be a reality and this situation is not unique to the Subverse project.
As I said in my previous post, we now have a stable and large enough team that we are confident can deliver the project as intended. Our core team is robust enough that we can handle any further issues, and software development can continue until we find substitute developers.

NerdgamerDaveOverall, I am hoping the dev team delivers on the update and we don’t see 6+ month gaps between other updates.

We are really committed to deliver, and we will deliver. I confirm that the 6 months waiting time for a block release won’t happen again.

FyarvisTakes a lot of humility to admit mistakes and learn from them; as a product developer I’ve seen companies fold due to management that lacked that strength of character. Good on y’all for being willing to own up and make changes, major kudos!

We appreciate your kind words.
Without a doubt we have made mistakes, and we have learned from them. Making those mistakes has made us a stronger and more experienced team that is capable of creating the best porn game the industry has ever seen.

tf:This is promising!
I can’t wait the update.
Hope you guys being so well.

Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it. We also hope you and all Subverse users are well and can stay safe!

So there’s still no Chinese subtitles?
When will Chinese be updated
we need chinese
we need chinese!

I can confirm that we are teaming up with one of the most influential and respected teams in game localization to localize the game for the Chinese market. This is a massive work item and we do not have a time frame for delivery, but you can be certain that Subverse will be localized to the Chinese market (and perhaps even in Japanese). Don’t expect it soon, but it is on the way!

Take care and stay safe!

Best regards,