We’re back with another dose of Prodigium Galaxy goodness and the team is excited to share all the juicy details with you guys!




To tide everyone over until the next chapter of the story is fully released, we’re going to be dropping a brand spanking new game-mode called the Gallery soon.
The Gallery is basically an advanced 3D model viewer where you can ogle your waifus from any angle you desire. It is very much a part of your ship, and we’re going to be tying it in with the rest of progression. Think of it as your private little photography studio, just above Killi’s bar.
We wanted a system where you guys had more freedom to set up the poses in the way you see fit. Don’t forget to show your friends.
We hope to update the gallery with many more features as they come online, so stay tuned for more info!
The Gallery is currently being worked on and will drop as the first of our “Feature-updates” sometime next month.





As you guys know, the next chapter revolves around feisty revolutionary Elaisha Sorn. But before you can get your hands on those juicy tanned melons, there’s the small matter of breaking her out of a maximum-security prison.
As part of this experience, there is a unique space mission that you will be able to play inspired by the Battletoads turbo tunnel level. We’re introducing an exciting new side-scrolling mechanic as well as a special boss encounter.
We’ll also be integrating more sex into the main story, as requested by our fans. The Elaisha recruitment mission will be the first example of this design philosophy.





We’ve got some really cool updates in the works for the Mantic system. The goal is to make them worth collecting and to keep them relevant for the duration of the game by evolving them. We want you to see the fruits of your labor present in Grid Combat and PANDORA in a meaningful way. We’re also in the process of replacing some of the placeholder Mantic meshes with much, much cooler-looking critters. I’m pleased to say that we’re collaborating with a special artist that we can’t reveal yet on the hogs for these bad boys, and we think the results will come out stunning!





Not so much an overhaul as a quality-of life improvement, we’re going to be making this part of the game much smoother and comfortable to play. The new upcoming faction will also get an ability or two that might take you by surprise. Some of the tweaks and improvements we’re looking to roll out in the near future are:

– Directional Damage (backstabs)
– Environmental Hazards (exploding barrels)
– Greater variety of maps in both layout and looks
– New AI patterns and priorities
– Moveset tweaks to the Mantics
– More interactions from the waifus
– UI and optimization tweaks




As mentioned previously we’re bringing in a lot of new people to the studio. This means that the senior members have had to dedicate a bit of time to make sure the new people are getting up to speed. Naturally, this leads to a temporary decline in the senior members’ output, but think of this as an investment. Over time we hope that these new members will become veterans in their own right, leading to much better productivity in the long term. This buddy system philosophy has served us well in the past and we hope that it continues to do so over Subverse’s lifecycle.

That’s all for now! As mentioned above, our current release strategy is to get some feature drops to you guys in-between the big chapter updates. This will give you something to play instead of waiting for one massive content drop every few months that would contain everything. We believe this is the best solution for everyone.


Signing off!