Subverse Early Access Update 02

Thanks for joining us for this round of updates on Subverse’s development!


We’ve finally got some fresh blood coming into the studio! We’ve been interviewing candidates all of last month for key technical positions and we’re pleased to be able to bring in some extra firepower and experience to help us out. More importantly, we’ve managed to retain all the core team members. We’re in good shape going forward.


We’re exploring how much of the dating system we can expand for Elaisha’s update. We understand that simply spamming gift items to waifus is not the best way to show your affections, and we’re working on a few things to spice this module up and make it more meaningful in the long run. I also feel it should feed in better to the sex experience, so I’m looking into how to connect the two more elegantly.


The script has received another round of revisions and cuts. Moving forward during the main quest, we want to steer away from the large exposition dumps and streamline the experience for you guys. The onboard dialogue will provide plenty of opportunities for worldbuilding and background development, without bogging down the main questline. The CODEX has also proven to be more popular than anticipated, so we want to use it more.


We’ve made several improvements to performance and load times on lower end systems. Please note that we can’t provide support for systems running Windows 7 in the future, as even Microsoft has ceased supporting it last year. The team is also improving the way Pandora scenes are handled in preparation for the system’s expansion.


We’ve got the actors back in the booth this month for additional pickup lines. The game’s at its best when you’re interacting with the waifus, which means more audio during combat, more audio during dating and more variations of audio during sex. It’s great to have the cast back and doing what they do best!

As we mentioned, it will take time to integrate the new team members and get them up to speed (especially the new animators) I’ve been hearing that people’s expectations for us are to push a new chapter out every few weeks. It kind of reminds me of when people expected us to churn out 30-minute movies every month in 2015. It was impossible back then, and its simply impossible now, considering that a videogame is 100 times more complex of a beast than any movie ever was.

I just wanted to make sure to quash any rumors so that the rumor mill doesn’t go into overdrive about when the next chapter is coming. Thanks for your understanding and patience!

To end with, please enjoy this glorious blooper reel prepared by Samantha showcasing some of the more…unexpected moments during the recording of Subverse. Have a good one!

Founder/Creative Director