Hey Subverse Fans,

We’re hard at work chipping away at the monstrous 1.0 update slated for release later this year! As mentioned in previous diaries there’s a lot of moving parts to this beast, and testing/iteration will consume us for the foreseeable future.

Having said that, adjustments to the game that CAN be pushed out before 1.0 such as small technical patches are definitely on our radar. We want to keep most of the juicy stuff for 1.0 but things like cloud saves and accessibility improvements are eligible for this criteria. We’ll keep in communication about the changes and when they are coming.

We’ve also been going through your feedback in Discord and applying them whenever we can to the 1.0 framework.

  • We understand the early game is a bit problematic with too many systems opening up too early, and only a handful of waifus available to explore them. We want to address this by gating the systems better and the Planet Events revamp should also alleviate this
  • We know it was frustrating to level the waifus, but as soon as we knew that the revamped progression was going to be a thing we streamlined the xp gains. It will be much easier to level multiple waifus to max devotion in the final release
  • Some of the boss fights are janky, we’ll be looking into them in the final release
  • Some of the SHMUP waves are too long, we’ll be reducing them appropriately throughout the game to lessen the grind
  • Overall the experience grind is a bit too brutal, even for a 30+ hour RPG so the revamped progression should make things more palatable
  • As mentioned before the waifus like Taron and Ela will be brought into line with the expected amount of Pandora content
  • Additional rewards are being implemented and tested as we speak. The goal is to have something to obtain each and every devotion level. If you ding then you should be rewarded, whether that be with a pinup, a new animated scene or a new audiotape.
  • The UI and accessibility will also receive some attention

These are just some of the things we are improving, you can look forward to a more detailed analysis and overview of what’s changing in the future. We’ll be adjusting and improving the game right up until release, and there will be a few surprises in there too!


Notes from Tibor:

The developers, designers, testers, and all our colleagues are busy with finishing the game. So if that is OK, please put up with me this month to receive some updates from the technical side of things.

Firstly, more than ever, thank you for your interest in our game. Only your support and interest in Subverse allow us to keep working on this game. We fully understand the team owes a lot to your patience. Step by step, brick by brick we are building the last pieces of the game and moving closer to coming out of Early Access with version 1.0.

By carefully analyzing the feedback it’s clear this game creates a frustrating experience for some of you in its current state. We understand the shortcomings and are working hard to rectify them. The aim is to eventually win you over. In terms of content, gameplay, and quality we will make noticeable improvements between now and the 1.0 release.

From July 2024 we will move into a more frequent internal release cycle. There will be new builds and patches to make sure the game is more stable, loads better, implements Studio69, addresses cloud saves, and streamlines the progression systems. A number of these internal releases might end up in the public domain. In that case your feedback as always will be very much appreciated.
In case you do decide to buy the game now during the early access period, your help is very much appreciated. All money goes into the development process for the 1.0 version. Every purchase pays for an extra development hour. Thank you and take care until the next update!

Thanks for reading!

See you next month!

Bis bald,
Till Eulenspiegel