Dear Subverse and StudioFOW Fans,

We’re continuing development on version 1.0 of the game across all areas. Next month we will have some information to share about the projected release date. Exciting times! Meanwhile we’re reaching into the mailbag to pull out some of your anticipated questions.

Q: Will there be any action for our best pal Dallick?

A: At the moment, we have no plans for a Dallick-specific sex scene. Let’s wrap up everything due for the Captain, first!

Q: After the release of Subverse 1.0, do you have any plans to expand the game with DLC (like new Pandora or cosmetics)?

A: We definitely have ideas floating around for cosmetic-specific DLC, but actual development depends on if it’s financially feasible. Hopefully, Subverse 1.0 will have enough sales that we can continue development on the game!

Q: What are the current plans for the merch store, can we expect to be able to buy fow and subverse merch this year? Will you ever sell figurines of the subverse waifus and any future costom IP characters?

A: We are presently very inexperienced in the world of merchandising. We’d like to offer some wearable designs in the future, but there aren’t plans for figurines just yet. We want to start with the basics before we jump into something as complex as a sculpted figure!

Q: Are we gonna have a module to see DEMI’s nips in their full glory in future updates?

A: Nipples? What nipples?

Q: Will there be waifu related DLC like Devotion quests? Can we expect to see a sequel to the game? Will you be doing any movies with the characters from Subverse?

A: We love the Mary Celeste crew, and we still want to create more sexy and fun scenarios with our IP! But this all depends on if we have the funds to keep the lights on after version 1.0 releases!

Q: Are there any plans for challenge modes for ground and space combat, like infinite waves of enemies for example?

A: Yes, if there’s time, we’d like to include a challenge mode like this.

Q: Any plans for collabs with other lewd/R34/Hentai adjacent entities?

A: We’ve just been so swamped with the chaos of trying to finish the game, it’s sort of given us tunnel vision, but we’d certainly love the opportunity. We had a lot of fun working with Butcha-u on the Subverse manga, and hope we can collab with more lewd creatives, as well! We actually have a goal on our Throne page currently for more content of this nature.




Remember that not all of us is an alien race capable of getting intoxicated without consequences.

If you are prone to negative side effects of alcohol or drugs, steer away. If not, PARTY ON!

Had a lovely time animating this cinematic with Sova, voiced by our queen, Samantha Flowers. It’s rare that two become one, but it happened, and it was beautiful.


More cinematics, more spoilers I can’t talk about. As I animate this one in particular aboard Mary Celeste’s bridge, I gotta wonder, who’s leaving all this fucking trash all over the place? No way Demi’s this sloppy.

Massimo Decimo Meridio

This was a very challenging month! Working on two different cinematics and switching into Grid combats to polish some content, I, once again, improved my skills in switching contexts! The cinematic I’m currently performing is without any doubt one of my favorite ones, for the level of difficulty and the feelings it emanates! Stay tuned, the big time is almost here!


Work continues on the last few cutscenes of the campaign! I’m getting to try doing a lot of new types of character motions that i haven’t done before which is a nice challenge and pretty exciting as I wrap up my Subverse duties.

Cinematic drama drives at full power!



Hungry JJ

Hello there,

Just dropping a couple of quick lines regarding what I have been working on. Now that we have all the devotion quest wrapped up, I have been focusing on the remaining boss fights to complete the main quest. Unfortunately, I can’t say much about these fights other than the characters you encounter will be unique from everything else encountered in the game. Some big and some BIGGER.


Samantha Flowers

Hello everyone,
For personal reasons, I decided it was necessary for me to take some time off this month. However, before leaving my station, I had some fun working on storyboarding for the upcoming cinematics in the next update for the game! How could I NOT make Dallick look as cute as possible?

Also, you can all look forward to an MVP performance by the ever-charming Tecsarc as Erark. I definitely got chills listening to his character’s grand finale (and quite literally final recordings for the character)!

As we try to get to the end of the game’s storyline, I’m frequently faced with the reminder of each of the cast’s final deliverables, or more literally, final words as their characters. I always thought I would be purely blissful to be free from the tasks that are coupled with casting direction, but I’m actually just a little sad. It’s kind of like saying goodbye to a loved one, even though I’m hopeful I’ll be collaborating with everyone again in some way.


Billy Grande

With the Devotion Quests all done, it’s time to focus on BOSS FIGHTS! I’m putting my all to make sure the remaining Grid Combat and Space Combat encounters are exciting and fun.

I’m also excited for a few new things coming that I’ve had a hand in, looking forward to you enjoying those as well!



Work on the outfits continues as I take our already quite revealing outfits and make them EVEN MORE revealing.


So, back to the main event and things are set in motion. Everybody is taking action… eeeeverybody. Fights and action and freefall in open space and… shhhh, don’t say that out loud.

See you next month!

Bis bald,
Till Eulenspiegel