Dear Fans,

Here are the latest diary entries from the team as we head into a busy holiday season. We are aiming to release the next update with a target of 12th December.


What you’re seeing here, apart from naked Killi, is the physics asset for her.

A few particular scenes involved clothing, not shown to avoid spoilers, and they were creating the greatest headache of this year for me. I believe I have mentioned a lot of the time as an animator, you find workarounds when something doesn’t turn out the right way.
Clothing physics needs to settle down for a few moments before render, since they start from their originally modelled position. So in this case she was bent over making the clothing reach high above her. But the clothing needed to rest on her back. With the huge cylinder sticking up in the air, the clothing could safely slide down onto the back and not down to her feet, hiding her




This week I’m working on a couple of safe for work cinematics in the distant reaches of the Prodigium Galaxy.

Massimo Decimo Meridio

This last month I’ve been working entirely on Cinematics!
I’ve been switching between Lily, Killy aaaaand Demi, which is giving me a lot of fun while animating her!
I won’t be too detailed about it 😏
I’m not feeling particularly bad anyway 😂 so I’ll let you admire a couple of pics! What’s happening in there? Well, keep your imagination high!


For this month’s diary, I finished animation on Killi’s devotion quest. She and the captain were having fun inside a room full of treasure!


This month has seen the start of Taron’s devotion quest cinematic begin in full. Once more, I can’t share much about it due to potential spoilers but I think it’s shaping up to be pretty intense and fun!
Also, pin-up work continues at a steady pace and I’ve started working on the images for Killi now.

Hungry JJ


This past month has been busy with all the new things added to the next devotion quest release. I managed to complete the mini space combat mission discussed in the last post as well as the Grid Combat mission. The Grid Combat mission has a mini faction based on an existing faction which will have some new attacks. Currently I am tackling the last clickable scene for Fortune and there are lots of bright lights!

Samantha Flowers

Hello everyone,

Recently I’ve been getting to do what I do best, which is collaborate with the VAs on some freshly recorded content. Our beloved Captain, Steve Hamm, has returned to the booth for a very tender scene with the Huntress- a piece of her devotion quest that got revised along the way in development, since we decided the original script wasn’t warm enough.

I myself have also just finished recording for Sova’s audiotape content and her devotion cinematic! Time for some 🎵riiiicolaaaaa🎶


A very productive month for me, as I keep working through the changes in the Event Planets system, as well as giving the enemies not only their skillsets… but a voice as well? Well, at least one of them.


This month I got to work on another outfit concept: the classic virgin-killer sweater. It was quite fun to make and honestly a bit more challenging than I initially thought. In the end I think it turned out great.


Another creative month for me too. One of my favorite parts is that I keep working on the new outfits, like the one WTX presented the previous month. If you are curious about the background work behind the amazing modeling, here is a part of the direction sheet for the outfit currently in development, and more specifically the color exploration.

See you next month!

Bis bald,
Till Eulenspiegel