Hello folks,

The Fortune release is now in the hands of the internal testers, who are churning out daily feedback sheets. After this process is complete, we will be ready for release. Touching on the previous update, we are setting the release date of the Fortune chapter to December 19. Originally we were targeting November but the team is still operating at less than half the manpower we started the project with. Finding new people with the level of talent required for a project of this scope before the holiday season is proving challenging, so we are rolling with what we have for now. This means delays are inevitable, and it will continue to mean delays into 2023 unless we are able to bring industry-proven talent on board. Whilst operating with a skeleton crew is not ideal, the core animation team continues to carry on the torch from the StudioFOW days, making good progress on the sex scenes and cinematics. Ultimately these long-time team members are ensuring the most important parts of the game receive loving treatment.


The cold darkness of November is only safe with Blythes warm embrace.

Been hopping between ending cinematics, some spacewhale Pandora scenes and helping out with some VFX shenanigans. Sometimes you get a scene that you dive deep into that claims a piece of your soul. The result is a piece of art.


At the time of this Dev Diary entry, I’m working on finishing up the videos of Fortune’s Ultimate Attacks to overlay during ground combat. Her moveset implies heavy amounts of hacking.In order to convey this, the attacks involve a lot of VFX and somatic moves to perform her “spellcasting.”

Massimo Decimo Meridio

This month I had an outstanding opportunity to create an animation from scratch based on my personal taste! And here it comes a combination with the Huntress and the Captain! But I won’t say too much 😉


For my November’s animation work, I did some 2-on-2 tag team action! We are trying to use more combinations in Pandora, and this was one of them.


I’ve been finishing up some proof of concept stuff and got to try my hands on in-game combat animations for one of the new mantics.

Also spending time setting up some more ideas for possible scenes whilst admiring Blythe’s abs on a regular basis.

Hungry JJ


Lately I have been focusing on finishing up the Grid Combat Requital units and new Mantics by finalizing the characters abilities, passives and triggering VFX. In addition to this, we have entered a testing phase, so I have been working on reported bugs.

Samantha Flowers

Hello everyone,

This month I have been working on finalizing sound work on Pandora, and the new upcoming mantics, Itchy and Cicalo.

Behind the scenes I’ve also been compiling VO assets and laying the ground work for the main story mission’s script for engine integration for a later block.

Not to be overlooked of course, I have continued working on the visuals and lighting of DIS. Yes, the bloom is getting reduced. More importantly, we can see the characters now have black outlines, similar to what you’re used to seeing in Pandora.


Bit of a blast from the past, this month I got to flesh out and expand on some previously seen locations. What will happen there, stays there (but I’m sure we all will find out eventually).


Lights! Lights everywhere! So many little lights!
Almost there though *:) The VFX for the new characters should be ready any time now and although I see lights everywhere, it was a nice experience and I might have discovered a new passion.
Did I say lights?

Bangkok ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I did a breakdown of the remaining design tasks for Subverse to get it across the finishing line. From it, I’ve focused on a couple of important ending boss fights that are key to the overarching story and on mechanics centered around the core gameplay. I want to continue fixing and polishing the core gameplay while still dishing out sex-related content for your viewing/playing pleasure.


Hello my darlings!

I have more news from the community & happiness front – we are currently looking into the much requested merch! We are targeting things like T-shirts, hoodies, posters and stickers along with partnerships with various big artists for character designs in the like. We’ll make another announcement when we get closer to launch. ♥


Hello distinguished Subverse users. If you are interested what I am up to, I have summarized a few things in a blog post at https://tibor.blog/2022/11/30/mini-q-a/.

See you next month!

Bis bald,
Till Eulenspiegel