Hi folks,

We will be releasing Part Two of the Sova update on July 25th on Steam, with GOG following shortly after. The update will conclude the Sova chapter and make her a fully fledged waifu onboard the Mary Celeste. The rest of Yeti nebula will unlock, as will 20+ new Pandora scenes, two new bosses, 10 new cinematics and a Gallery overhaul!


I have spent most of the month working on cinematics but primarily doing lipsyncing passes on Sova’s Pandora scenes. The screams still echo within my brain cavity.

Gladly I got to end the horror by posing some sweet and silent gallery poses.


I worked on the dating animations for Sova. She’s a very energetic character, dripping with sarcasm and booze, so I tried to match that aspect with the body movement in her animations.

Massimo Decimo Meridio

In the past month Sova was in my sights! Extremely happy with her, especially in the cinematic where she smashes some poor guy’s head like a melon!

I’m also super happy to be working with my second favourite character in Subverse coming up after Sova!
How hot she is daaaaaham! Can you guess who it is?
I’ve already made 2 animations for her! So enjoyable giving her a personalized animation!
Can’t wait to see the final result!!


I’ve been assigned some top secret content that I can’t talk about!

Hint: It involves dicks going into butts


I’m going full steam with content for characters in the 0.6 update after Sova!

I’ve been helping out a little with finding any issues with character models and been posing up a few ideas for sex scenes in the process. So far I’m quite happy with how they’re turning out, so I hope you’ll all enjoy them as well when they get released!


I’ve been rubbing a lot of stuff lately, mainly pussies. Still waiting for a genie to pop out.

Hungry JJ


After finishing setting up the flow of the game for the second part of Sova’s release, I began working on the second big space combat mission of Sova’s storyline. This mission will call back to the Keisterstation mission, and require the Captain and Sova to defend a very important entity. Other than that, I have been fixing some small bugs here and there from last release and assisting getting Sova ready for the Gallery.

Prof. Bang Dev

I’m prototyping a technology for changing the character’s in-game looks, and also working on the cinematic visuals.

For an upcoming cinematic scene I have to update and advance with the aura effect I made for Celestina (and Deva). This effect is basically using the original character’s mesh surface 32 times, tessellated and using a transparent surface, each layer offset just a little bit further from the original mesh and using a bunch of VFX trickery to make it look like a moving flame aura.
It’s a very resource demanding effect, so it’s perfect for these cinematics which are pre-rendered.

Mrs. Mankrik

After finishing up the lip flaps for the dialogues and relighting some of the scenes with DC, I crammed all of the new PANDORA scenes into the game, along with the Gallery poses, and now I’m working on getting Sova’s gifting animations in. We will continue to relight and improve the dialogue system as production progresses


Some of you may have noticed the new Mary Celeste UI changes. I’ve been spending some time improving them even more, letting players see if areas have new interactions before going into those areas of the ship.

There’s also two new mantics coming in the July 25th update, Lamarse and Pervedillo.

Discussions on how to overhaul grid combat with HentaiKouhai and Bangkok took place. Equippable waifu items – a small part of the overhaul – will arrive with the intent on expanding these items in later releases accompanied by other parts of the overhaul.


After the release of the previous content patch, I’ve been working closely with Timmeh and Bangkok to implement Sova’s long-awaited match in the TFC! Alongside this, we’ve started the discussions and the accompanying implementations for a very much-needed revisit to grid combat. Some elements of the planned revamp to grid combat have made it to Sova’s TFC match and we hope that these building blocks that we will fully flesh out in the upcoming updates can make grid combat a bit more enjoyable in the future.

Samantha Flowers

This month I’ve been working on setting up the sound design for Sova’s juicy new Pandora animations, as well as the main story’s cinematics. Let’s just say one of them required a LOT of VO…like, a LOT a lot.


My work this month was solely focused on overhauling the Grid Combat maps. Prof. Bang and I worked together on bringing the maps that were given a detail pass by our Art Director (plus a few new original maps) into the game, and make sure they look good and run smooth as Sova’s bottom.


We spent some time deciding what Sova would wear for her royal “duties”. DC wanted an Ayane inspired butterfly ribbon on the back (of course) so we integrated that along with a healthy dose of Jasmine inspired baggy trousers.


And, guess what, new UI! This time I’ve made a cosmetic and functional attack on Gallery. It’s now easier to preview and navigate, scroll-free, and nothing stands between you and your waifu — especially text! Special credit to Prof.Bang and HungryJJ for their work on the filter and background half-screen preview.

Bangkok ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It is no secret that while the base design of Grid Combat has established a sturdy foundation, these sequences need embellishment. The entire system is going through thorough revision cycles as we return some of its elements to the drawing board to update the experience. For this upcoming July 25th update, I’ve been working on delivering a small list of buffing equipables for each Waifu with the end goal of driving forth the players’ need for Grid Combat playstyles.

The progression system within Subverse is getting a massive revamp, as the current dual-meter method is less than rewarding and, quite frankly, bland. We want to give you substantial incentives while grinding through the levels and earning your chosen Waifu’s affection. The design of this new, singular meter, filled with motivating rewards, has taken most of my time during the past month, and I can’t wait for you to receive it.


Out of work, recovering from COVID, Post-COVID health issues. Hope to be back this week and contributing as much as possible to make the game better .

See you next month!

Bis bald,
Till Eulenspiegel