Hey everyone, this is DC the founder/director of Subverse and I’m here to update you guys on the next major release, which we’re calling the “Ela Update”

As you know we released the Gallery feature drop this week which was delivered by a small strike team, but alongside this, the majority of the team have been also chipping away at the big Ela Update. Let’s take a look at what’s shipping with this beast of an update then!


Of course we gotta start with the main attraction! The horny masses are all waiting for the debut of Elaisha Sorn, voiced by the stellar Venus LeMay! Elaisha’s main quest line is a mix of prison break and some Trojan horse action, as the next step of Fortune’s revolution unfolds. For the very first time, you get to experience one of the girls’ homeworlds as we take you down to the surface of Talissan, the beautiful Art Deco-styled homeworld of the Kloi. As I touched on in a previous devblog, the priority was to integrate sex into the quest in a way that didn’t take you out of the action and we’re confident of meeting that challenge!


Accompanying the main quest are 13 new cinematics produced just for the Ela update. Unlike the first release, this time around we focused more on character-driven cinematics. I feel like longer, more character driven stuff is what you guys are enjoying the most, especially the ones centered around the waifus. You will of course get to catch up with events at Celestina’s Palace and with fan-favorite General Blythe, as the supporting voice cast makes a return to bring all these to life.


It wouldn’t be a major update without the Captain sticking it to some goons, and this time around is no exception. You’ll get to take on the Kloi in both grid and space combat as they unleash the full might of their fleet against you! Alongside the space stuff revealed previously there’s also grid combat boss fights to sink your teeth into as well!


We’re going to be unlocking a brand new region of Prodigium Galaxy in this update, and it’s filled with over 100+ new anomalies to discover in total! There’s anomalies like Meatbeat Station, deep inside Chutt space, the mysterious Luby Consortium and of course Ars Gloria where the primitives are apparently all Ass-Men. Absolute savages. You’ll also get to meet a colorful new cast of Sidequest givers, with several new fully voiced quests of this ilk being added. By the way, we are looking into enhancing sidequests (especially how they are resolved) but I’m not sure if that will make it into this update or the next one, so I’ll keep you guys posted on that. Again, the philosophy is to make sure the quests are a bit more waifu-centric and that’s our goal.


Over 50+ new Pandora scenes are being added in the Ela update, including more for existing girls like DEMI , Lily and Killi. Futa fans will be pleased as there’s a some really cracking futa scenes in this batch! All the while, we are also working on the next evolution of the Pandora system which will launch AFTER this particular Ela Update.


We’ve got some new Mantics to discover and breed, and new grid combat maps to test your mettle! I’ll go more in-depth about the critters in the next devblog because we’ve got some really interesting things planned for them! In the meantime, have some cock:


The Gallery is going to expand further with the Ela update, and you’ll be able to pose her to your lewd liking once she’s been recruited. In the meantime, the devs are going to push a hotfix on the Gallery next week to fix some issues! I see you guys have already been very active on Discord sharing your creations…



I’m thrilled to announce that the game will be getting an official wiki very soon, hosted by us! The wiki is coming together really nicely, I can already tell it’s going to be an excellent supplement to the game and a haven for the lore nerds. Streemster is also still in development, and I also want to mention that we have a new support site up and running, you can check it out here: https://support.subversegame.com/support/home


As you can see the Ela Update is chock full of content, and I’m confident you guys will get a kick out of it as there’s something for everyone here! Keep your sights firmly trained on our Twitter account for more sneak peeks coming up!